Limited Edition Flamed Maple Acoustic Guitar

Quilted Maple

We have a special guitar available now!

Denny made a very limited run of these Flamed Maple 80CEs. We thought we were completely sold out, but found a new one last night. This guitar is a unique model, and we only have this one left in stock. If you are interested, email Dennis direct at

This will not last long!

Zager EZ-Play ZAD80CE Flamed Maple Limited Edition Acoustic Guitar $1595
On sale $1295

William Conard Zager Zad20 Guitar Review

I got my ZAD 20 yesterday. I can assure that I will not be taking advantage of the money back guarantee. So many of your reviews contain the same high praise that I don’t think I could begin to add anything original, which I suppose has to be about as good a compliment as you could expect. First, it’s a beautiful instrument, more like a piece of wooden sculpture than a guitar. Fit and finish are outstanding and flawless.

The action is amazingly low and easy, but there is absolutely zero fret buzz. I’ve only been seriously studying for a couple of months, but the difference between this guitar and my “starter” model from another manufacturer is astounding. I’m able to play bare chords with ease. The tone is sweet and clean and the solid spruce top has a resonance that is already excellent; I look forward to it sounding better as it breaks in. I have played many other far more expensive guitars in music shops lately and this one is easily as good and a far better value.

I also was impressed with your note as to your decision not to ship the case given your quality concerns. Given the attention to detail you pay to the guitars, I am confident that your judgment with respect to the case was “sound” (no pun intended). I’ll look forward the arrival of the case when it is available. While I hesitate to sound like an old guy, I often bemoan the lack of concern so many people show with respect to practicing their craft.

Clearly, your product shows that for you, your profession is your passion. If my reaction is any indication, you should take sincere and well-earned pride that your efforts will enrich the lives of many people by making music more accessible to them. And not just any music, but beautiful music, made by their own hands on a Zager Guitar.

Why My Zager Is Better Than Others, Stephen Rosenthal

The guitar, the 20, arrived.  I am quite pleased with it.  I played it for about an hour and did notice a little less hand fatigue.  Tomorrow will be a major step.

  One of you endorsees, Doc Holiday, mentioned how terrific it is for recording.  I’ll do a side by side with my Martin DC-16OGTE into my home recording studio (the end of my living room). 

Your ZAD 20 is brighter sounding.  I assume the brightness will record a little better. 

Excellent Zager Guitars Review from Harold Hensley

I am very happy and wanted to let you know the zager guitar arrived as scheduled and all is well. Very satisfied! It was discounted for a minor flaw but I have yet to find any flaws at all. Great work done by craftsman and its quality speaks itself. This is well customized guitar and each and every component of this guitar on its right place so the playability of this guitar is awesome.

The case is excellent quality too.

Best customer support provided by zager staff.

Thanks to everyone at Zager. Excellent company!